Terms of Use of Media Center Ukraine Photobank

1.       Acceptance of Terms

1.1. The Media Center Ukraine operates the website https://photo.mediacenter.org.ua/ (“Website”), a platform allowing Users to view, store, share and otherwise provide access to photos. Its mission is to help media, journalists, news platforms, bloggers and anyone looking for photos to find and use them free of charge under the following Terms.

1.2. The Media Center Ukraine, state authorities, non-commercial public organizations and private individuals shall be the copyright holders of photos.  All the materials on the Media Center Ukraine Website are posted by mutual consent.

1.3. By accessing or using the Website, any Visitor or User agrees to abide by the following Terms. The aim of the Terms is to protect the rights of each User, the rights of other Users, the rights of the Media Center Ukraine and the rights of third parties that are copyright holders of photos. If any User does not agree to the Terms of Use, they must immediately stop using any part of the Website and the photos.

1.4. The Media Center Ukraine reserves the right to amend or adapt the Terms of Use at any time and without explanation with future effect. A notice of such amendments will be available for all Users and will be posted on the Website. Users have the right to immediately stop using the Website, in case of disagreement with amendments to the Terms. The amendments are deemed as accepted if Users continue to use the Website after the new Terms come into effect.

2.       General Terms:

2.1. The Media Center Ukraine provides an irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform and use photos from the Media Center Ukraine Website (https://photo.mediacenter.org.ua/) free of charge, without permission. A reference to the copyright holder or Media Center Ukraine is desirable, but not mandatory . The Media Center Ukraine does not provide the right to use photos from the Media Center Ukraine (https://photo.mediacenter.org.ua/) for commercial purposes.

3.       Detailed Terms:

3.1. All photos are free to download and use in any media and information platform.

3.2. The photos can be used only for non-commercial purposes, therefore, they cannot be sold, including, but not exclusively, on other stock platforms, used for printing on products that are subject to commercial use (printed products, clothes, souvenir products, other goods of any purpose).

3.3. Permission to use the materials of the Media Center Ukraine and copyright holder is not required .

3.4. A link to the Media Center Ukraine and/or copyright holder is preferred, but not mandatory.

3.5. The photos can be modified by Users, but with a view to other restrictions set forth in these Terms of Use.

3.6. People whose faces can be recognized in the photos must not be shown in a negative or offensive light.

3.7. It is prohibited to use the photos for pornographic, criminal, defamatory, humiliating, illegal, immoral purposes, to incite hatred and enmity, or to promote or sell drugs, pornography, weapons, or prostitution.

3.8. It is prohibited to use photos to give the impression that people or brands featured in them endorse or are affiliated with certain products.

3.9. It is prohibited to claim the photos as one’s own property.

3.10.  It is prohibited to compile photos from the Media Center Ukraine for the purpose of establishing a similar or competing platform.

Should you have any doubts on the legality of using photos or have questions about the Terms of Use, please write to the Media Center Ukraine by e-mail at [email protected].